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Teeth grinding & Clenching

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Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?

Flattened areas on your teeth
Tight or sore jaw when you wake up in the morning.
You make a loud grinding sound with your teeth while you sleep.
You feel tired from not getting a good night’s sleep.

If so, you may have nocturnal bruxism - grinding of the teeth while sleeping.

For many people, bruxism can be a serious problem. It can cause cracked and chipped enamel, hairline fractures, broken cusps and even wearing down the teeth to the gum line. The enamel may become so worn that the inside of the tooth (called the dentin) is exposed. If bruxism isn’t treated, it can lead to gum damage, loss of tooth and fillings, root canals, loose teeth

It can also cause jaw joint problems also called temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ.) TMJ occurs when the muscles, joints and ligaments of the jaw move out of alignment. In addition to jaw pain, other symptoms may include headache, earache and pain in the face, neck and shoulder.

Research shows that about 50% of adults grind their teeth and approximately 20% grind their teeth excessively causing dental trauma. When asked, many patients will not admit or are unaware of grinding, yet the evidence of damaged teeth is apparent in their mouth.


What Causes Bruxism?

  • Bruxism is often caused by emotional factors such as daily stress, anxiety, anger or pain.
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol or caffeine tends to aggravate the problem.
  • Another cause of bruxism is the use of some medications, in particular anti-depressants. Three of the most common are Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac. If you take any of these drugs and have noticed an increase in nighttime tooth grinding or clenching, speak to your physician. Sometimes the addition of the drug Buspar helps to eliminate the problem.

What is a bite Guard?


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A Bite Guard is a clear appliance that relaxes your jaw so that you can not grind or clench and protects your teeth from further damage. With this treatment, Dr. Sayeg  will then correct your bite by reshaping your teeth to eliminate high spots or unusual tooth alignment that has been caused by previous bruxism issues. 

At Start Smiling Dental, any future adjustments are included in the cost of your appliance. We want you to be comfortable and protected for life!

How can botox help? 

BOTOX® is used as an alternative treatment for bruxism and jaw tension and pain. When injected into facial muscles afflicted with soreness and discomfort, BOTOX® relieves jaw tension for many patients.  Although BOTOX® treatment for these conditions is presently experimental; evidence indicates that it can be extremely effective.  If you are interested in seeing if this treatment could help you, give us a call at 404-255-6782 for a free consultation. 

Insurance & Cost

Since each patient's needs are different, the cost for these treatments can vary.  Your dental insurance plan may cover some of your treatment if you have coverage for bruxism.  Payment options are always available and we will be happy to help you find a way to afford the treatment you need. Give us a call at 404-255-6782 to schedule an appointment!

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