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About Root Canal Therapy

No one wants a Root Canal. They tend to be associated with causing pain but that actually isn't true. Root Canal Therapy relieves pain. 

Deep inside of the tooth is the root, also known as pulp. Bacterial infection inside of the pulp can cause extreme pain, swelling, and without medical attention, can cause the tooth to die. When the pulp of a tooth is found to be infected, root canal therapy is our recommend treatment. Root canal therapy is a procedure which effectively eases the pain associated with a bacterial infection deep within the tooth. This treatment also stops the infection by removing dead and dying tissue from the tooth's pulp, in essence saving the tooth.  Once the infection is removed a filling material or a crown will be needed to restore the tooth.

If you are in pain and think you may need a Root Canal, give us a call today at 404-255-6782 to schedule and exam and consultation. We are looking forward to getting you comfortable so you can Start Smiling again! 

What to Expect

Treatment Aftercare

If only local sedation is used, you will be able to drive and recover at home, but some sedation options may require you have a responsible adult pick you up.  Patients will have temporary numbness and some may have minor discomfort that can usually be treated with an over-the-counter painkiller. If a temporary crown was placed over the tooth, the permanent crown will be placed and fitted at a separate appointment. After a root canal, oral care including brushing and flossing at home plus visits to the dentist as recommended are important to maintain the health of the treated tooth/teeth.


Root Canal Treatment costs can vary depending on where in the mouth the tooth is located and how many roots the tooth has. If  you feel you may need a Root Canal, the first step is to get you in for an exam and take an x-ray of tooth for a correct diagnosis. At that time, we can get you an accurate estimate.  Give us a call today for an appointment!

Insurance:  Dental Insurance plans usually cover a portion of the cost for a Root Canal. If you'd like us to confirm what your benefits would be in our office, give our insurance experts a call at 404-255-6782.

Start Smiling Dental offers several payment plans and long term financing through Care Credit and Lending Club. We will work hard to fit the treatment you want and need into your budget!


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Pulp Protection

To relieve your pain and prevent more serious dental problems, don't avoid talking to your Start Smiling dental team about a root canal. With modern dental equipment and techniques as well as sedation options, fixing an infected tooth doesn't have to be painful or time consuming.

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