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If you suffer from a fear of the dentist, or dental health care, you are not alone. More then 30 million people in the United States are also afraid of dentistry on some level or another. Our staff at Start Smiling dental facility in Sandy Springs, GA understands that anxiety about dental procedures is real, common and serious and offers sedation dentistry as an easy solution. Any dental healthcare treatment that may cause a patient anxiety can be performed under varying degrees of sedation. From a bit of nitrous oxide, to help take the edge off if a patient's is just a tad uneasy, to oral sedatives that can help a patient to feel completely relaxed and unafraid during their procedure, our dental healthcare professionals will have a solution to fit your situation.


Oral conscious sedation techniques are Start Smiling dental facility's top choice for sedation dentistry. This can mean nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, or prescription medication provided to the patient before their treatment begins to reduce their anxiety towards what will be taking place. Both techniques will allow the patient to remain at ease and completely relaxed while remaining awake and conscious. Oral conscious sedation can also allow for a patient to be sedated during their procedures, but able to drive themselves home after the effects of the sedation have worn off.

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Sedation dentistry has varying costs, depending on the procedure taking place and the amount and type of sedative required.After a consultation with our dental team, our billing and finance department would be glad to assess the cost of your upcoming procedure, including your sedation and discuss your payment options with you at that time.

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At Start Smiling dental facility in Sandy Springs, GA, we understand that anxiety about dental procedures and the aversion that accompanies the fear are very serious issues. We pride ourselves on providing a facility and treatment options that will help your experience at our facility to be a more relaxing one. If you suffer from fear of the dentist or dental procedures we would be happy to speak confidentially with you, and help you to choose a sedation dentistry method suited to your specific needs. Give us a call today to discuss your options for receiving the pain-free, worry-free dental care that you deserve.

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