Will Dental Insurance Cover the Treatment You Need?

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Many people have a hard time getting the dental care they need due to cost.  Dental Insurance Plans can help, but can be very confusing to navigate.  They usually work the opposite of medical insurance with low annual deductibles (usually $50-$100) and caps on what they will pay on a yearly basis versus a cap on what you would pay out-of-pocket (usually $1000-$2500.)  They can have many different clauses attached such as: least costly treatment available, no coverage for prior missing teeth, non-duplication of benefits.... the list goes on and on...  

It comes down to the insurance company's main interest is in paying the least amount in claims and not necessarily for the treatment a patient ideally needs. 

Patients very much need a dentist that will help them navigate their plan and maximize their benefits so that they get the care they need and keep their out-of-pocket expenses down.  

The good news is  Start Smiling Dental specializes in knowing the right questions to ask your insurance company so that we can get the maximum coverage for you.  While we don't contract with insurance companies, we find that many of our patients see their out-of-pocket expenses stay the same as in-network due to our conservative treatment planning paired with knowledge of the insurance systems. 

Having a dentist that is also willing to help you find a payment arrangement for your out-of-pocket costs is also important.  At our office, we offer many different payment plan and financing options to help get your mouth the healthiest it's ever been and make your dream smile a reality.

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