When a Tooth Ache is Caused by a Crack in Your Tooth

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Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?

• Pain when biting

• Pain on pressure

• Sensitivity to hot/cold

If so, you could have “Cracked Tooth Syndrome.”  This is a condition that can arise at any time on a tooth with a filing or tooth that has never been filled.  It is most common on teeth with old silver fillings that tend to expand and contract with hot and cold and in back teeth.  There may be a weakened cusp of the tooth that is undermined by an old filling.  

Unfortunately, it also occurs in teeth that look perfectly fine.  You may have bitten down hard on some food, or hit the cusp of an opposing tooth the wrong way.  Some people will experience a cracked tooth in an accident where they sustain an injury to their jaw.

This syndrome is often difficult to diagnose because the cracks are often microscopic and do not show on a traditional x-ray. 

At Start Smiling Dental we have the technology to get you the best diagnoses possible.  Using our advanced intra-oral camera as well as 3D imaging, we are able to see fractures where most dental offices will be left guessing. 

If your diagnostics and symptoms show you are suffering from Cracked Tooth Syndrome, we can help! 

1. The most conservative option is to place a Porcelain Crown on the cracked tooth.  This option removes the cracked portion of the tooth and/or supports the tooth to keep the crack from enlarging. 

2. If there is still sensitivity, the next step will be Root Canal Treatment to deaden the nerve of the tooth. If possible, we can do this procedure in our office but it your situation is more complex, we will refer you to a specialist for the best care.

3. If the tooth continues to bother you, the only option left is to extract (remove) the tooth.  After extraction, the tooth can often be replaced with an implant and crown or fixed bridge.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and save your tooth whenever possible.  That way you can continue to live your life and enjoy eating, drinking,  and smiling with confidence!

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If a tooth is only cracked on the crown on the tooth it can be restored. If it is cracked down to the root, it must be extracted.

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