Rejuvenation, Renovation Or Reconstruction – What’s A Smile To Do!

Smile Rejuvenation is Possible

Smile Rejuvenation will whiten your teeth and replace old restorations with a beautiful new smile!

Does your smile need rejuvenating with something as simple as whitening yellow teeth, a slight renovation by tweaking a chipped or damaged tooth or do you think you need of the full reconstruction approach? This is a question that puzzles and confuses many patients interested in improving their smile. For some, it may just be one errant tooth that stands out when they smile. For others, it can be an ugly space, a broken tooth or horribly discolored teeth. While you have heard of the dramatic results a full cosmetic dental makeover can bring – you feel your smile just needs a little fine tuning to be its best. Believe it or not – many dentists find this a more difficult process than a full mouth reconstruction. However, in the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist, minimally invasive dentistry can help make your pretty smile more beautiful.

In discussions with patients about their smiles, the one thing that stands out the most is that they know they are unhappy with their smile, but they are not always able to communicate why. The most important first step in knowing what you want for your smile is to understand what makes up a perfect smile and why we are so attracted to the “movie star look.” The book, Survival of the Prettiest, by Nancy Etcoff, offers the best approach to understanding and discussing the features of a beautiful smile. This book is a researched study about the Four Pillars of Beauty that are reoccurring in nature: Clarity, Symmetry, Harmony and Vivid Color. Dr Sayeg has taken these four principles of beauty and applied them to analyze and improve your Smile.

The first pillar – Clarity – is unblemished appearance.

Does the color of your teeth reflect a healthy youthful look? With Zoom whitening, in only 60 minutes, Dr. Sayeg can remove years of stain to whiten your teeth and by following up with home trays you can maintain your white smile for years to come.

The second pillar – Symmetry – the right side is a mirror image of the left.

Are your teeth, especially the front symmetrical? Does one tooth appear to stand out from the others? Dr. Sayeg can, in many cases, perform Smile Contouring to help restore a balanced smile, by shaping the edges of your teeth, in as little as 20 minutes.

The third pillar – Harmony – is all features are in proportion to each other.

In Dentistry we have the Golden Proportion Rule where the size and shape of each tooth is found to be in ideal proportion to each other and also to your face. In many cases using minimally invasive composite bonding of only one or two teeth we can restore your proportions and your Smile back to beauty.

The last pillar – Vivid Color – is a vibrant healthy glow that brings everything together.

When you smile, no individual tooth should stand out. The whole smile, face, and person should look pleasing to the eye. When you look at a person you perceive as attractive, usually no individual feature stands out, however their proportions all seem to fit and they radiate a warm, healthy appearance. Dr. Sayeg does not want your smile to overpower your other features, just to emphasize them. Surveys show that a pleasing smile is one of the most important features people notice on first contact!

Dr. Sayeg is a master in diagnosing how these features work in your smile and will collaborate with you to achieve the desired results you want for your smile. Once you have determined the results you want, Dr. Sayeg will always do the most minimally invasive dentistry possible to achieve the look you want for your smile, whether it is simple whitening, contouring a chipped tooth or giving you a smile that looks like you spent 3 years in braces!

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.