Oil Changes, Tune Ups, and Preventative Dentistry

Regular Dental Cleanings are I

Regular Dental Cleanings are Important

When the oil light goes on in your car, most people get the oil changed very quickly. Why? They want to keep their car running smoothly, prevent more costly repairs in the future, and protect their investment. At this oil change the service technician will check the tires and brakes, fill your wiper fluid, change your air filter, and every 50,000 miles they’ll do a complete service check of your car.

Preventative Dentistry works the same way! We either set up your next appointment in advance or send you a reminder when it’s time to service your smile. These visits insure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, catch any problems when they’re small so that you avoid more costly treatment in the future, and protect the investment you’ve made in your health and smile. At these visits; we clean and polish your teeth, do an oral cancer exam, check for any breakdown of your teeth, and about every 50,000 chews will take x-rays to check for hidden problems. For example, dental decay (cavities) found early can often be corrected with a small filling instead of waiting until it causes pain and needs a root canal & crown.

As an added benefit, we also review your health history looking for problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We also will look for airway problems in children and adults that may cause problems with sleeping, snoring and symptoms of attention deficient disorder in children. As your dental health professionals, we are concerned with so much more than just your teeth!

Our hope is for our patients to value their teeth & health, as much as they value their cars. So, when you get that message or email notice from us, don’t put off scheduling that appointment! It can mean so much more than just keeping your smile bright.


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