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Bone Marrow Donation Saves Lives

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Your dental visit is the perfect time to join the Bone Marrow Registry!  It’s super easy – just a swab of your inner cheek – and we will handle everything else.  What is the purpose of the registry?  Blood Cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths and kills more children than any other disease in the U.S.  When chemotherapy can’t beat it, a bone marrow transplant may be the patient’s best hope for survival. A bone marrow transplant can also be life-saving treatment for other diseases such as aplastic anemia and sickle cell disease. Due to the limited availability of matching donors, only half of those in need are able to get one. The registry helps expand the chances of a match and giving a patient the gift of a longer life.  Who can donate?  Eligible registrants must be: 

Between the ages of 18-55

In good health

At least 105lbs

Willing to donate to any patient in need

How does it work?  At your next appointment we will review your commitments, have you fill out a form, and then provide you a swab (similar to a Q-tip) that gently rubs the inside of your cheek. We then package the swab and send it to the registry for you.  If you are one of the lucky one 1% of donors that becomes a match for a patient, the registry will contact you for further testing. Both the registry and the medical team will make sure you are still willing and able to donate and support you during the process.  What’s involved in a donation?  The donation process usually involves 1-2 days of your time with very minimal side effects.  There are two methods of donation 

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection (PBSC): A non-surgical outpatient procedure that collects blood stem cells via the bloodstream in a process similar to donating plasma or platelets.

Bone Marrow Donation: This is an outpatient surgical procedure under anesthesia where marrow cells are extracted via needle from your pelvic bone.

If you are interested in participating, please give us a call to schedule a time to stop by or you can just get swabbed at your next regular appointment.

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