Saving Teeth Gives This Patient a New Life

Procedure Details

Tom was told by multiple dentists that his teeth were not salvageable. They wanted to pull all his teeth out and give him fake teeth – dentures. Who wants a denture? Your grandmother has dentures, not you! Then Tom came to see me, Dr. Christian Hahn. Long story short, I NEVER give up on my patients and try to do just about everything I can to save their teeth. I worked hard with Tom to save his teeth and give him a smile that he was proud of. He already had all the character necessary, but his new smile has changed his life! Finally Tom was able to express his unique self through a handsome, confident smile. I am always touched when patients return to me for their post-operative smile photos looking entirely different. They dress differently, they carry themselves better and they are radiating with confidence. Tom does not have to take his teeth out at night nor feel like he is 100 years old. He can chew anything he wants and his teeth won’t fall out when he laughs. This is what Life Enhancing Dentistry is all about.


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