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About TMD

If areas of your face are sensitive to the touch, you have significant swelling in the jaw, or your jaw spontaneously locks into place you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD is the correct name for the disorder at fault when the temporomandibular joint causes issues in your day to day life. TMD can cause your jaw significant discomfort and limited range of motion and should not be taken lightly. If you have been suffering from TMJ/TMD and you are ready to seek medical attention, give Start Smiling Dental in Sandy Springs, GA a call today. Our seasoned dentists, Dr. Mark Sayeg and Dr. Nate Cherof, will evaluate and consult with you to help in the process of restoring full range of motion to your jaw.

What to Expect

Start Smiling has a variety of dental techniques available to help ease the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ/TMD. Restorative dentistry, to align the teeth and jaw as well as the use of a night guard while sleeping are two less invasive options. If these treatments do not provide the relief you need, our dental physicians may recommend orthodontic treatment, or the surgical repair of the joint at fault. Regardless of the technique necessary to reverse the effects of TMJ/TMD, our skilled staff is prepared to assess your situation and design a personalized care plan that's right for you.

Treatment Aftercare

It is important to avoid the things that can cause a flare up of your TMD as well as to take into account the things which can help improve it. The clenching and grinding of your teeth, whether it is while you sleep, or due to stress is a serious cause of TMD and should be consciously avoided. Avoiding candy and other excessively chewy items can also cause discomfort in your jaw. If you are struggling to control the symptoms associated with your TMD, muscle relaxers can be prescribed until a more permanent solution can be established.

Anticipated Costs

TMJ/TMD is a medical disorder that requires specific medical treatments. Because of this, most insurance will cover a portion of the costs. At your consultation, ask our billing and finance team what type of cost you can expect and your benefits and options will be researched and discussed with you.

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Help Yourself & Relieve TMJ

TMD can be treated under the careful guidance of your dental healthcare professional utilizing a bite guard, if a bite guard is not effective our helpful dental team at Start Smiling in Sandy Springs, GA will carefully assess your unique situation and work together with you to devise the best possible patient care plan. If TMD has been plaguing your life and you have had enough, consult with Dr. Sayeg or Dr. Cherof at your next scheduled appointment.

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