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Excessive Teeth Grinding

If you wake up in the morning with a tight or sore jaw and feel fatigued, you may be suffering from Bruxism. Bruxism in laymen’s terms is teeth grinding and can be a serious problem. Bruxism causes cracked and chipped tooth enamel, flattened areas on the teeth and the overall wearing down of the teeth. If Bruxism goes untreated, it can lead to gum damage, tooth loss, and the need for root canals. Beyond damage to your teeth Bruxism can cause Temporomandibular Joint Disease, commonly referred to as TMJ. If you believe you may be suffering from Bruxism, our dental physicians at Start Smiling in Sandy Springs, GA are dedicated to helping to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

A Common Occurence

Recent studies have shown that half of the adult population grinds their teeth for one reason or another with 20% causing severe damage to their teeth. Patient’s are usually unaware of the severity of their Bruxism, but contribute the grinding to stress, anger, anxiety or fear. The excessive use of stimulants like alcohol and tobacco are also thought to inhibit the grinding of the teeth. Our dental physicians Dr. Sayeg and Dr. Cherof are extensively skilled in diagnosing and treating Bruxism and will first suggest the use of a custom bite guard to prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw due to Bruxism.

Custom Night Guards

After a consultation with our dental professional, impressions can be taken for custom night guards. These custom-made night guards are crafted at our Sandy Springs, GA facility and will be fitted after their completion. These guards sometimes referred to as occlusal guards and resemble athletic mouth pieces. These mouth pieces are worn at night to keep the teeth from making contact and grinding together while you sleep. These guards also prevent the jaw from imposing excessive force upon itself. Night guards are comfortable and easy to care for, as they can be brushed, rinsed and stored without any specific cleaning or storing guidelines.

Reshaping & Contouring

If a consultation with our dental team reveals that you do in fact have Bruxism, but that a night guard may not be the solution, we offer another option. At times when Bruxism would not benefit from a night guard, the issue can be addressed by reshaping and contouring your teeth to eliminate high spots, or misalignments, thus preventing the teeth from grinding in excess. This procedure is not recommended for all patients, so it is important that you consult with your Start Smiling dental team in order to assess all of your options, and choose the one most suited to your specific needs. 

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Consistent and proper use of night guards or tooth shaping and contouring can prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw and can ward off the potentially costly dental repair bills that can result from untreated Bruxism. Without proper medical treatment, excessive teeth grinding can lead to the need for serious medical treatment. If you believe that you may be grinding your teeth excessively, and that you would benefit from the treatment of Bruxism, contact our appointment concierge today. We would be glad to schedule you a consultation with one of our skilled dentists to discuss treatment options.

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